The Real Art of Martial Arts

Martial art is more than knowing how to fight, fend off an opponent and defend yourself. There is more to it than the smooth but deadly flow of arms and legs.
There are fundamental life values we can learn from martial arts. These are:
1. Discipline.

Oh yes, we have heard this word ever since we could discern what adults were saying. A martial art teacher or a student knows that without discipline, learning the technique is useless. Only having a strict discipline to practice will make you a master of martial arts and your life.

2. Self-control.

A good fighter knows that his strength lies in his ability to hold back. Having self-control in life is a must. Whether it concerns money, partying or other areas of life, exercising self-control differentiates success and losing.

3. Perseverance.

You cannot become a grandmaster in martial arts overnight. You need to work hard, through different stages in life to become one. Likewise, no goal or aim in life can be achieved within a month or a year. It takes constant grinding, hours of dedication through the different terrains. Perseverance allows us to make our life goals while developing and discovering ourselves.

4. Loyalty.

In this age, loyalty has become a rare value. Whether it is in relationships, work or even friendships, very few people possess loyalty. When you train with a teacher or with your teammates, you trust each other with your lives. Loyalty is earned when you give it.

5. Respect.

Knowing how to protect yourself physically is an incredible but enormous skill. Martial arts empower you with self-confidence, and therefore you owe it to your life to respect and protect it. Respect for the art and respecting others and their choices are essential to living successfully.

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