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Sensei Mike Khardas Teaches Krav Maga To Rafael Domingos BJJ Black Belt Under Demian Maia

This is a fun clip from a crash course in Krav Maga with Sensei Mike Khardas and Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor/ Demian Maia Black Belt Rafael Domingos. Glad Frankie Forza and Rafael and all the other BJJ ninjas enjoyed the techniques. BJJ black belts are Mcdojo and Bullshido proof, so having them praise the techniques is awesome. We are bringing street safety and weapons disarms back to BJJ and Jiu Jitsu one MMA school at a time! To contact Sensei Mike for seminars in your city visit Thank you for hosting us!

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Mixed Martial Arts Classes

Become part of the Woodbridge, Vaughan, anD Toronto MMA community by training at our Fight Den MMA gym. We will get you started on a workout path that never bores you and gets you in the best physical shape possible.

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Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga combines an evolutionary form of self-defense and physical training based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.

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Kickboxing Classes

Looking for a fast and fun total body workout that doesn’t feel like work? Look no further than kickboxing classes for adults & kids  at Fight Den Woodbridge & Vaughan. This amazing cardiovascular workout combines boxing with martial arts and a touch of aerobics to help you achieve unbelievable strength and endurance.

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Taekwondo Classes

Our friendly students, instructors, will help create the best TKD non sparring learning environment. Located in Woodbridge Vaughan Fight Den’s Taekwondo students will build a fit body and mind. Students will gain flexibility, strengthen and tone their muscles and give them greater endurance, all while having fun and learning valuable life skills.

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Wrestling Classes

Fight Den provides the best Pro Wrestling in the Vaughan and North Toronto Area! One of the best programs that you can enroll in at Fight Den is Pro Wrestling, and Submission Grappling. Learning to wrestle not only gives you the skills to become a well-rounded fighter, but also transforms your mind to boost your confidence and make you at ease in all kinds of dangerous situations and environments.

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Boxing Classes

Hard work. Dedication. Motivation. Experienced, mindful trainers who knows what it takes to win. At the Fight Den Boxing gym we have all of the above.

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6-9pm Boxing studio 1

7pm Kickboxing 

8pm Jiu jitsu MMA Krav


6-9pm Boxing studio 1 

8pm Jiu jitsu MMA Krav 


6-9pm Boxing studio 1 

7pm   Kickboxing 

8pm Jiu jitsu MMA Krav 


6pm-9pm Boxing studio 1

8pm Jiu jitsu MMA Krav


6pm-9pm Boxing




11am Youth Boxing

12pm Boxing

1pm Open Mat for Jiu jitsu