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The best self-defense and professional MMA training program in the Greater Toronto Area.

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We are a unique Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, No Gi specialty club, and competition team. The classes are structured to grow our students knowledge on Rubber Guard, Leglocks, Submission wrestling as it pertains to cage fighting and mixed martial arts competition. We also study Krav Maga technical theory, street safety self defense, and verbal conflict prevention. The mixture of MMA, Krav Maga, and Grappling is the best way to have a complete understanding of how to defend yourself in sport and on the street! Whether you want to fight in the UFC, Amatuer MMA in Canada, or just want to lose weight and gain confidence while having fun. Fight Den MMA wants to help you make your martial arts and self defense goals a reality!

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We offer classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, No Gi Grappling, Judo, Mixed Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Cardio Fitness, Kids Classes, and private lessons In-home or at the Dojo.

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We take our clients seriously. Just as seriously as they take themselves. We cannot wait until they get their blue, black belt, etc. Below you will find their kind words about what we do.

just had an intro lesson and the instructor is very knowledgeable and keeps the material fun and interesting. Looking forward to signing up my kids for classes as they loved it as well

Zvi Vaxman

Sensei Mike is super knowledgeable, he has a very high MMA IQ. He is an excellent and passionate instructor, plus he is very funny 😂. If you are serious about learning martial arts, go see him.

Sean Bahman

Such an amazing experience with Sensei Michael and awesome friend Simone. Learned so many practical survival techniques, along with a heart to heart on the importance of such techniques/skills. The staff, clients, and guests were engaged by this...dynamic duo. Thank you so much for taking the time out to offer this AWESOME class to a population, who may not have ever considered it otherwise. Mike, thank you for being so warm, passionate, FUNNY and sensitive to the needs of my people. You broke down walls/barriers. You are great!! Everyone should be exposed to this...it is necessary. If you don't know who Sensei Mike is, google him. I did!! A few of us will be seeing you soon!. ExpandSee Less

Alyson Lewis

Mike Khardas was my MMA teacher while I was at York University and my whole time living in Toronto. I came to him with a background in Yoseikan Karate and left with a much stronger ground game and being an overall more rounded fighter. His lessons we...re invaluable in my development and I highly recommend trying at least one class with him. You won't regret it. ExpandSee Less

Cameron MacDonald

I have had the opportunity to train with Sensei Mike and his students over the past month. As this is my first exposure to MMA Krav Maga and after recently returning to working out after years away, I was made to feel very comfortable and welcome b...y all. Sensei Mike is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. He is willing to help you achieve your goals no matter what they may be. He offers education, training, mental and physical development, but most of all inspirational. Sensei Mike uses positive reinforcement, humour, and attention to detail to help every single student succeed. ExpandSee Less

Laura B.

Been training with Mike for almost a year now and it has changed my life. I had never done anything like jiu jitsu before but he and others in the class made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Mike brings his comedy into the class which makes it a gre...at atmosphere to learn in. He's also helped boost my confidence immensely through training. I was going through a rough time financially a while back and he sponsored me for 2 months. 100000% recommend. Thinking about karate? Don't. Go for jiu jitsu instead. ExpandSee Less

Jamie Kelly

Been doing private lessons for around two years now and I'm leaving each lesson with a significant amount of experience. Sensei Mike covers a wide range of submission entries from both top and bottom position as well as the defenses and is able... to explain each position in a concise manner. Every position we work from can be seen used effectively in professional MMA and grappling. I came in wanting to learn Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu and in a matter of lessons was able to understand the positions and movements behind basic striking: punches, elbows, knees and kicks. He also makes sure to explain the self defense aspects of each position which is greatly expanded with the inclusion of Krav Maga. On top of all this he's also a really cool guy and I would definitely recommend Fight Den to anyone trying to get into MMA. ExpandSee Less

Jayden Magill

What an amazing instructor! I highly recommend Sensei Mike's self-defense classes especially to women. You not only learn how to escape or defend yourself if necessary, but will also gain a boost in self-confidence! Thank you Sensei Mike for b...eing such an understanding, empathetic and awesome instructor and making everyone feel so comfortable! Everyone can benefit from learning Krav Maga. ExpandSee Less

Freshstart RootsCS

I've been training with Mike since 2007. His extensive knowledge base is always impressive, but his key assets as an instructor lie in his patience and sense of humour. Mike has fostered a learning environment that is supportive, fun, and discip...lined. His classes have a mix of varying experience levels so the younger students gain confidence learning with older students. They have a good set up here. Lastly, I didn't really go into it but his technique understanding is next level, I think there's a video on the fb page of Mike rolling with Dan Henderson. Check him out, he knows his stuff. ExpandSee Less

Nate Br'gante

Amazing first time experience. I’ve never had any martial arts experience and the instructor made me feel very comfortable. Learnt so much and so happy I decided to try it. Really liked the smaller class size and attitude of everybody there. Instru...ctor was great at teaching some of the more complicated moves. ExpandSee Less

Gianluca Gurizzan

Had an amazing first class! Sensei Mike was very patient with me, which was greatly appreciated. Peers were super welcoming and quick to help out and teach as well. The environment is very friendly and safe. I've never participated in anything l...ike this, and I havent worked out in years so it was definitely an experience. But if you're interested in a great work out while learning to defend yourself this is the place to go. I'll definitely be going back. ExpandSee Less

Fiona Douglas

One of the best coaching experiences I’ve had with Brazilian jiu jitsu amazing teacher scales to your level and learned a lot very quickly been with sensei mike now for 5 years

Tommy Rroku

Amazing zoom lesson, you got to check it out. Learned more in one lesson for one hour then I did my whole martial arts career. Definitely a crazy work out as well

Oni Joshua

Sensei Mike taught me some great Krav Maga moves and techniques. I feel much safer at night now when I go walk my dog. Highly recommended. He is very knowledgeable in what he teaches and explains in a way that is easy to learn and put into use.

Ronen G.

Sensei Mike is an amazing teacher. I don't have martial arts experience, he works at my pace but still challenges me. I cannot recommend him enough!

Matt Finkelstein

Sensei Mike is just the absolute best. After only just a few private lessons and classes I felt so empowered as a woman. I feel safer walking thanks to him and I hope to continue training for a while. 1000% recommend him to everyone I know!

Vered Rose

He is definitely the best coach in Toronto. He explained in detail. The master is also a humorous person. The overall experience is absolutely the best in Toronto.

Boyin Liu

Had the best experience with sensei mike! He taught me how to fight and wrestle and defend myself. It was also such a fun class and I learnt so much in just an hour. Definitely recommend taking it if your thinking about it.

Chana Crystal

Sensei Mike is not only the best sensei in all of canada, he is the top gun and knife defence specialist in the world, at fight den you are treated as family and given a very enjoyable experience while learning the mixed martial arts at an accelerate...d rate due to his teachings. ExpandSee Less


After taking only a few group classes (Krav Maga/Jiu Jitsu/MMA) with Sensei Mike for the purposes of self-defence, I've never felt safer in my life. The classes are also a lot of fun! I absolutely highly recommend.

Emily Zhang

Sensei Mike is a very great teacher. I’ve learned a lot from him very quickly. The energy he brings to every class is unmatched by any other coach I’ve had in any of the other sports I’ve taken part in. I’ve seen first hand the things he’s...taught me work and help me get better at jujitsu and mma. ExpandSee Less

Alex Morris

After fighting and training at Fight Den for a few months not only did I become a better fighter but I learned so much about the MMA culture that other schools won’t teach! I learned how to become more confident and samurai in myself after taking a... few classes. If you’re looking to become a badass or to learn how to protect yourself Sensei Mike is the best decision you’ll ever make!. ExpandSee Less

Maral Mansoubi

After trying several other schools of martial arts, I can confidently say that Sensei Mike has a much more practical approach to MMA. He has a good balance between jiu jitsu, boxing and kickboxing. He is very straightforward and there is absolutely n...o nonsense. No time and energy is wasted on unnecessary moves or techniques. Everything is to the point and practical. I took his 10 session private lessons and feel it was a great investment. I highly recommend Sensei Mike to anyone who wants to seriously improve their skills. ExpandSee Less


Mike is very professional and taught me useful self defence skills that actually work. His classes are great value and gave me a lot more confidence. Def recommend his ten class private course. Great workout too, definitely satisfied.


I had no idea what to expect but can honestly say I learned so much after just one crash course lesson in Ju Jitzu Krav Maga. I am planning to take another lesson and bringing my 13 year old son. Owner Mike made the experience both fun and empowering... even for someone who like me has very little experience with self defense. ExpandSee Less

Reesa R.

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Every superhero always has their own unique origin story, and here at Fight Den, our students and instructors are no different!


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